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Final Burn Legends v1.19 (new update)


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Final Burn Legends v1.19
by gamezfan



release info

new games added
Metal Slug 2 With Speedup Hack (Removes In Game Slowdowns)
Planet Probe
Super Stingray

Madmab added some code to FBL fixing the long standing issues with the Neo-Geo
Rom List Filtering

capcom core fix
Rolled back the Capcom Core to previous FBL Version as the
update broke some games and stopped many other Neo-Geo and CPS2 games
from loading in HD this older core is more stable and the game problems
mentioned above should also be sorted

created a new core
With +T+'s help Added An Extra Core Called "New" and moved the CPS-3
and a few other drivers across to launch using it this should help with overall stability in
Some other cores Like Cave Psikyo and Toaplan

misc fixes
Fixed Hyper Street Fighter 2 which got broke in FBL v1.18
Fixed Raiden 2 Raiden DX And Zero Team so they now work in HD
Fixed Gaia Crusaders So It Will Work In HD Again
Fixed B-Rap-Boys and Shogun Warriors so they now launch in HD
Fixed some CPS2 and Neo-Geo SD and HD Rom Loading
Fixed Some Graphical Problems in Osman it's Still SD only Though

fba dev team fixes ported to fbl
Fixed Toki palette recalculation [iq_132, ArcadeTV]
Added Trap15's nice sheild warning mod DIP setting for GunNail [Trap15, dink]

^^ This when enabled in the Dips will now make that annoying Sheilds lost alarm
quieter and therefor less annoying :-)

link for final burn legends v1.19




here is a link to download all the new roms that were added to this release(new link)


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added a new link for the roms in my first post as there was a problem with the roms.all tested and working now.

so redownload if you have already downloaded the roms.

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