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PC-Repair as a job, what can I expect?

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Hey bros and hoes.


So I figure with how many times I get asked to just "fix this" or "sort that out" (which i sometimes wont do)

Anyway I was considering putting up an advert for PC repairs/cleans/reformats in my area.


I dont know about you but that many people with all this stuff now are just Dipshits without a clue.

My main aim will be to acquire customers who 8/10 will be a gloit, slamming windows 7 on it which automatically saves their stuff in an old photo, and backing up anything they want to save.


Anyway what I NEEDED to ask you guys, is more often than not people are pretty slack and say they dont have the discs/CD-keys that came with the computer.

Is this the point I should tell them I cant help them?


Of course I can install my windows 7 on their rig/laptop and it will work fine for a month before it starts saying "this copy of windows-yadda-yadda"


Just wondering what the elite here would do to work round that?



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If they cant locate original disc and its a retail copy, the pc will have serial number sticker on in which case you can use appropriate disc to install and their serial.


If its a OEM copy the serial sticker will be useless but the OEM can supply install media for a small fee.

This method of OEM activation is very common on brand name pc or laptop - lookup SLIC v1 v2 v2.1. As these pc bios are unique and basically in there is contained the "license".


Most modern pc have no install disc and instead use rescue partition to reinstall.


This information may be out of date as I have not done this professionally for quite a number of years now.


Kindest Regards

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Most modern pc have no install disc and instead use rescue partition to reinstall.






What happens when the hard drive fails?




Ems, only choice if they lost their keys is to give them the choice of buying a new windows, or windows dying after a month. If you let it spring a surprise on them they'll tell everyone you can't do the job properly.

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If the hard drive is failed i believe you should still be able to purchase the media dvd from OEM.


Side thought: one of the 7 loaders i think will detect the presence of an OEM bios and install just correct certificate for that OEM. Sounds legal to me?


Robert is right. Getting this part right about relicensing the system is just as important as fixing any broken hardware.

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