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Is possible to remap emulated keyboard in MESS?


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I'm using MESS only for these computers types:

Commodore 65 (C64DX too)

Commodore 900

Didaktik M


I need to remap emulated keyboard to own. I'm using for other Commodore computers well known VICE and there is easy to remap keyboard.

I have accustomized layout and want to have the same for Commodore 65/64DX, maybe C900 (but emulation of this computer is not full).

Didaktik is other way and really never seen ZXS emulator with possible to remap keyboard.


I mean when is possible to customize layout on the fly (when emulator runs) it must to be possible to do it in ?config? or other file...


But really don't know how to do it.


Thank you for every help, reply or comments.



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Hi mirkosoft,


Right now my MESS computer is out of order (hard drive crashed), so I can't look into it right now.


However since it is a generic MESS question (not specific to MESSUI), you may be able to get help at the mameworld or bannister forums.

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