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  1. OK, Scroll Lock is impossible. But please explain me that when I press ¥ key (left of backspace - missing key on standard keyboards, Japanese it has) it displays in Customizing Keyboard F14? Also my friend sent me whole keycodes and FN keys count to F15... also is possible to map KEYCODE_SCANvalue - this helped me remap Japanese keys. If I assign keycode F14 to wanted CLR HOME, it works not, When I asign correct SCAN - value 125 - it clears whole table. And you wrote that C65 emulation works not - think about - why I could writting about C65 Keyboard remap if it works not? Works, exactly MES
  2. Hi! I learned by friend how to remap keyboard in MESS in case of emulation Commodore 65. I have few Qs to make it more advanced. I'm using Japanese keyboard on English Windows and I used their keys - by KEYCODE_SCANvalue Only one key I can't to catch - it's ¥ key (left of backspace) 'cause in emulator at cutomizing layout it shows as key F14... and it works not with assign F14, when is it mapped as scancode, MESS after close of emulator deletes line from CFG file - here's Q - how to disable deleting incorrect lines? Bettter is to write event to log than only delete line from CFG file....
  3. Hi! I'm using MESS only for these computers types: Commodore 65 (C64DX too) Commodore 900 Didaktik M I need to remap emulated keyboard to own. I'm using for other Commodore computers well known VICE and there is easy to remap keyboard. I have accustomized layout and want to have the same for Commodore 65/64DX, maybe C900 (but emulation of this computer is not full). Didaktik is other way and really never seen ZXS emulator with possible to remap keyboard. I mean when is possible to customize layout on the fly (when emulator runs) it must to be possible to do it in ?config? or other file..
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