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CPX3 1.0a + Full Romset and CHDS


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CPX3 + Full Romset and CHDS for the original xbox.
a full romst is included in the download and the chd versions of the games are included as well.
i originally uploaded this for the xbox 360.so you will need the original xbox version of cpx3 to play this.
download link for cpx3 1.0a for the original xbox.
once you download the emulator from the above link.download the roms and chds from the links at the bottom of this post.
then move the roms folder and the chds folder from the download at the bottom of my post into the folder from the above link.
then ftp to your xbox.


jojos venture
jojos bizarre adventure
streetfighter 3
streetfighter 3 second strike
streetfighter 3 third strike
the alternative versions are included as well.
remember you can select the chd versions of each game as well.
1 link download and mirrorlink(684mb)
unrar with 7zip.
the roms and chds are also compatible with the pc version of this emulator.
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5 hours ago, fil-evans said:

could you put a link to the correct chds please?

I think @fumanchu meant to say that you do NOT need them.  They were provided originally as an alternate format of some of the games. But, maybe not.  I've not tried to play any of the games.

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meant to say in that last post you do not need the chds as the roms will do.

they are just an alternative format of the same games,you are not gaining anything from using the chds.


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