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What is up with playing as the KOF 2001 bosses

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I have KOF 94 - 2003, and in all of them, I can play as the bosses.


In 94, when I beat Rugal, it simply plays the Ikari ending.


On 95 and 2003 [unless there's a combo I don't know of], I get the edit endings.


Goenitz has his own ending in 96.


Orochi, I just team him with Kyo and Shingo.


98: Rugal, Vice, Mature.


99: Krizald with either Kyo or Iori; if I set it to Team, and solo Krizald Form 2, I can sometimes get the K' team.


2000: Zero with either Kula or Kyo+Iori...cool trick is to have Ramon, and use Neo & Geo as Maniac Strikers. Call them at the start of the match against Zero, and just keep walking back. He'll be stuck in a loop, just trying to kick. You draw, and win, with your other team mates, or, you use a full screen fireball the last 2 or so seconds, and do tick.


2002: There are no endings, but I like Rugal.


HOWEVER, in 2001, it goes nuts. If I use DIPS, after the 1st fight [sometimes second], it just freezes. When using Original Zero, I can sometimes have O. Zero or Igniz as my foes, and the game freezes. If I use Igniz, I can usually get to the blip cut scene, but then, I'll refight fight 6, and the game will just loop. 2001 can't be the only KOF where I can't play as the bosses, and win the game. can it? I'm using "the alternate set." Do I need another rom, or can one simply not beat the game with the bosses?

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I finally found a solution. I found a YouTube video showing someone playing with Igniz [may have been Zero, but sure it was Iggy].


In the video's description, there's a link to the [mod'd?] KOF2001 Rom, and it seems it can only be played in a version of NeoRageX. The character select screen features Igniz, Zero, and all of Zero's strikers...and they can only be used as such.


If you play as either of them, and keep the rest to the strikers, then you get the edit ending, where K' talks about how the KOF winners have set him free from NESTS.


If you're looking to play as the bosses, and want to beat the game, without the game crashing, looking for that YouTube video's where to start.

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