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Picking a new processor halp!


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I had to strip down my rig a few weeks ago and the processor magically attached it self to the old thermal paste, so I cleaned it best I could but it was totally fucked, anyway im needing a new processor.


My main board:



My old processor was an AMD Phenom™ II X4 970 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz. (black edition)

And I'd yet to overclock it, as these suckers could way over clock.


The site im using to buy my replacement from:



Supports Supports AMD AM3+ FX/AM3 Phenom™ II & Athlon™ II series processors

I have £90 to 120 to spend only.


So guys, whats the most bang for my buck? overclocking V stock Vs price?

Cheers all!


(I also have a bad ass heat sink and fan and its huge)

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Ill look into that one thanks.

Aye supes, a lot of stuff to take into account now, I remember jizzingover my pentium 4 single core at 3ghz, with my gtx800 agp card.

Christ I still remember my first rig. 1800xp processor amd, and a hercules 6400 card .



My card is a hd6800 ati btw rikki.

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Stay the hell away from APU's, no...RUN the fuck away from APUs. They're horribly gimped on the CPU end, using one with a dedicated GPU is just retarded.


I'm inclined to recommend an FX series CPU, I'm running a 4300 and it's beast enough...a 6300 I see as being pointless, there still isn't shit that can make use of 6 cores properly and independently. BUT, given you're likely looking at like a ~$10 price difference, might as well I suppose.

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