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(amiga) Putty Squad (unreleased)


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Commodore Amiga fans, Christmas has arrived a day early! After initially announcing that Putty Squad would be released on the home computer as a limited edition bonus of the game's recent update, System 3 were soon frustratingly seen backtracking on their word. Despite this, the British publisher have made yet another u-turn and released the long lost classic for free online.

This on-going saga over the last few months has taken the Amiga hardcore through a turbulent time, seeing their hopes for Putty Squad's release both realised and crushed. Having waited a good twenty years to play Putty Squad on the Commodore Amiga, as originally intended, their frustrations were somewhat justified.

System 3's recent backtracking was sadly a result of difficulties finding somewhere suitable to produce the title on original Amiga disks in large quantities - an understandable issue today, but something difficult to remedy following their original promises.

In order to make amends, System 3 behind the scenes decided to call upon some of the most prolific members of the Amiga scene to set things straight. This bundle of dedicated Commodore fans have worked together over the last few weeks to test and prepare the unreleased title in ADF format for the general public.

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