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AMD quad core Vs my old intel dual core?


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Are you just dropping the drive from your old PC, into the new one? It's very unlikely to work(boot or run if it does) properly unless the chipsets are the same(And they most certainly are NOT).

When you used to do this with older versions of Windows, it would either spaz out or go through the process of requiring new drivers and often run like ass after anyway.

With the newest Windows versions, the bootloader doesn't even work the same way, and even if you got it to boot it would deactivate itself and possibly exhibit some issues.


You will have to reinstall Windows if this is the case, no way around it.

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^ Most likely the case. Can use Acronis True Image to clone the drive to a new one if you have a second HD, or just plug it into an external enclosure and load it on a different PC, save the files you want to keep.

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