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AMD quad core Vs my old intel dual core?


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As you may or may not remember my old dual core got smashed up.

I managed to get a look at it today and im pretty sure the motherboard is toast, i can see a couple of resisters snapped, and Hard drive cable slots wedged off the board.

But anyway, It was a 3.2 dual intel core.


I have a replacement but im not all sure its what I want or need, its a quad core 3.2/3.4 (a freebie but not one to turn the nose up at I reckon)


My old dual core ran everything how I wanted it to with my HD6850 card it did everything I wanted it to do.

Will I notice any difference switching to the quad core, just because its quad does not mean it will be faster, or even any more stable now does it?

Basically what Im saying is: Is this quad core gona suck worse?



Added: Been told it was a "black edition" for gaming...

I cant really get at it or test it just yet, i was just hoping someone would pretty much know what im expecting.

Motherboard was £140 at the time and has 2.0 express, 3.0 USB..

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Cool. Was gonna say you could just invest in an AMD APU that has the graphics built in to the CPU, giving you some time cushion to save up for a new graphics card.

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It's SATA and only one hard drive is plugged in.

I had trouble with THREE drives installing windows 7 from an official windows copy.

It just cant seem to find the drive path unless like i say i hit it in manually, otherwise it just goes in to an infinite restart boot or says "disc error"

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