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Xbox 360 family gold package


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Ok, so Microsoft has the live gold family plan where you can get up to 4 gamertags gold subscription for the cost of 1. It WAS a great deal. But now with Xbox one coming out Microsoft has decided to end the deal.


Now your extra gamertags will not need gold as long as 1 primary account has gold status.

That's great but theirs a catch, if you have 1 - 3 other gamertags they are all on their own to get gold features like Netflix or other apps if the gold account isn't on the system.


It's still not fully clear what it means to silver accounts (the email is worded vaguely and makes almost no sense :( ) so I'll keep waiting til something is announced.

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My point is that I've owned live for about five years and after switching to PS3 I can't say I regret it. The only game worth playing on the 360 that isn't on PS3 is halo: reach, halo 4 was complete utter garbage. With that said, quit throwing your money away and get a PS3, if you feel like throwing your money away get the playstation plus service, atleast you'll get a decent game out of it every now and then.

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I do have a ps3 and besides it playing blu-rays it's an awful experience.


3hours to install gran turismo 5 xl, every game has a 400+ mb update that takes an hour to download...I just want to play now!


And ps plus is a joke, I had it for 2 years and when I stopped it all the "free" games don't work anymore. Time expired on free games?!? That's a rip off there. Free to play, yes but that also means no consequences when someone does wrong. I have about 13 on my friends list and about 500+ on my block list from either hackers, spammers or just plain creepy Pervs.


I'll pay for a good system rather than have free online to play.

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I have a PS3...and there's 1/1000th the number of players online...and I don't play shit like Halo(Fun games, but the multiplayer is ASS). There's nothing on the PS3 I have that is an exclusive, that is worth bothering with online.

Anything multiplatform, the 360 version is superior, and that goes double for multiplayer support with FAR less players online on PS3.

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