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N64 RARE Prototypes Release


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thanks goes to borman and everyone who donated for these releases.

An earlier PAL beta of Perfect Dark
A NTSC beta of Perfect Dark
A debug version of Conker
And an "Uncut" version of Conker

Note that the ECTS build crashes, a lot, on emulators! Works perfectly on real hardware though.

Codes to note for Debug Conker:
C-Buttons (Up+Down I think, but maybe all four) pulls up the menu
Plus a few more (Skip Cutscenes or SkipCutscenes, can't remember)

DC = Decrypted
EC = Encrypted (needs Dongle, original dump)

turok 3 prototype(this was released seperatly from the above releases)

What you've heard about the Turok 3 Prototype was true. We have it, and we've dumped it. Now I have the task of going through and noting every difference. It's quite a project as you can imagine, especially since I have to go through the game with both characters. I was originally going to release the ROM and the article telling you about every difference at the same time, but if I did that then I don't think I'd finish this year. So I'm putting the ROM out now. Play it, enjoy it, and love it. And if you aren't too busy maybe you can help me? When you start the ROM you'll notice it has some obnoxious debug text taking up a large part of the screen. I have a small guide below on turning that off. I'm not sure where this will fit into my article if it does at all.


3 link download and mirrorlinks (2 links at 140mb and 1 link at 47mb)

first part download and mirrorlinks (140mb)




second part download and mirrorlinks (140mb)




third part download and mirrorlinks (47mb)




just unrar with 7zip.

thanks goes to everyone who donated and were involved with these releases.
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