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The way forward for 1emu - examples with in.


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Well you wanted a solution to the vague user base here and I think I have come up with it.


Ok we can all agree that dips shit sites like twitter, facebook and whatever else these modern day wankers come up with has basically stolen the internet. We have been around long enough to watch this.

From the day of emulforums and our rom links to the squeaky clean 1emu site.


From what I can gather 1emu had its peak for around a year or two when it was legit, but during the emulforums days when we had a LOT of freedom people would come and go like a bloody good pub. Newsflash people are broke. We want free shit now, we want the quickest shit we can get a hold of.

The entire idea that 1emu is an emulation hub is flawed why?

Because everything you need to enjoy it is gotten from torrent sites and places that still have the balls to link roms.

1emu has NOTHING to offer.

Not even a strong user base.


My proposal if you want to see this place dragged along by the posters who still care for the place is to get bad ass again. That's right, linking whatever the hell you want. When you want, as you want. Maybe an exception for porn whatever.


Here are just a few examples of sites that get a shit load of "real traffic" and not the bot shit we are being tricked with here.







I visit daily, I get ALL the latest stuff and a heads up for what I need.

I dont download from file lockers sites as my speed aint good enough, but I do find out whats good and whats bad without second guessing a dodgy torrent site.






(English version top right)


This is the place to go is you want to fuck around with steam and get good advice.


And at random a member who posts on the CSrin forum has his own spin off site





If you wanna get the place rocking again you only need to look at these sites to see they have something people genuinely want.


Emulation is dead - even advert@home is on its ass with the same handfull of posters from 5 years ago still toughing it out. Dont ya get it? The old school posters are all thats left of these once great sites.


Opening a twitter, a facebook it wont do jack shit - its the same stuff reposted but just on another site.


1emu update: mame587473487934798 released.

twitter: mame587473487934798 released.

facebook: mame587473487934798 released.


We use the web and regurgitated information is used over and over again.

CUT this crap out. No social media site is going to magically lift the place, we need to go back to basics, batten down the hatches and share what people want.


If this all boils down to potential legal issues then why bother?

If you dont do something different you get the same results.

It will never change, and emulation isnt going to make a big come back anytime soon.

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Emulation has never been as mainstream as today, but homebrew/jailbreaking/mobile actuality is nowadays increasingly more prevalent (with a far larger audience too), compared to PC-based emulation. Emulation sites can too cover actuality affecting emulation gaming (see dcemu or the previous maxconsole for over-the-top examples). The later niche features higher payouts and possibilities for sponsorship.


A lax approach towards dubious linkage is not a magical solution, though overzeal could be dropped with little consequence. Effort is necessary to identify and deal with underperforming aspects and keep up with trends, and it seems like everyone's burnt out (desillusioned?). Thats an aspect that would benefit from being addressed first, as it tends to negatively affect momentum and contributor motivation even after you get initiatives rolling.

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So you're saying Emulation is at it's peak.

I just dont see how that is so when emulation forums have little or no actual community in them. It might be at its most heavy user wise but its a new generation of users who dont have any social skills. Look im not saying forums are the best ever, or whatever.

We are in a generation of clickers not talkers or places that have real community any more.

Mobile emulation/mods are just that - who cares? They download what they need from a site that gives them it and they are on their way. A few posts on "hey this wont work" or "How do I do this?" Might allow a community to start up but it's a long shot. And I believe would be a boring place to be.


You may have a point that people are burned out, I come here out of a old habit and you know what? To see the place alive again would be just fine by me. But i dont think people who visit here are burned out - we have just seen a lot of of action over the years and have matured. Im like 31 - some of you younger lads might think thats old but trust me its not.

All the place needs and I know I really know this, is around 15 to 20 posters who get on reasonably well and the rest just slots in to place. It isn't rocket science, there is nothing overly mathematical about it. Once people see activity and people just tapping stuff out and having a laugh they tend to want to jump in more.


I mean a few guys posted over the last week with no user avatar or signature, wtf? It may as well be a youtube comment.

It means nothing! Guys are pretty simple creatures but sadly we do work on a logic basis. Ya know?

Have fun, rib people, fuck up and say sorry when you screw up, puke up all over your monitor cause you split with your girlfriend and your bitching about it on here.


It does not have to be serious.

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So you're saying Emulation is at it's peak.

More that the newer consoles grow prohibitively complex to emulate, in development time and hardware ressource consumption/system cost. No contest, next to jailbreaking/chipping. With newer machines from arcades to consoles increasingly relying on PC-based hardware, there would be more translation and protection neutralizing than actual emulation.

So all it means is just creativity shifts away from nextgen towards previous-gen consoles (innovative frontends, javascript-based emus, accuracy, and so on).

Regarding mobile discussion, it's a natural interest to add so as to increase the variety of local discussion (homebrew/emulation guides, regular mobile use and discussion).



Regarding activity in emulation communities, they're meant to cater to newbies, readers, unsophisticated users rather than oldtimers savvy enough to help themselves and in need of no handholding anymore to emulate their games. That core of senior users will always be necessary to keep around if just generic activity, but a consistent flow of emulation enthusiasts is what keeps momentum rolling. Not to mention 'timeless content' (like guides, compatibility lists, rankings, etc -flagship blogs commonly rely on that for articles whose content does not grow stale over time) beats ephemereal content (which for example release news fall into no matter how timely, despite the necessity of a release coverage service).

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I think emsley is right. The emuscene kinda came to a stop. Even over at ngemu things have slowed a lot. And what is the sense to have 100 emulation related sites, that

consist of emulator news and a forum? Every single site out there is built this way. Its f**** boring.

So you suggest talking emsley.

Well, what to talk about? In the buzz years, all kind of new emulators popped up as the hardware got faster. Nowadays, even actual consoles are emulated, like the Wii.

You can download a 8 GB ISO faster now then you could download a 1.2 MB ROMfile back then.

There are some guys who are into the emu scene for years, like you and me, but well. Lost most of the interest in it by now. Played it all by now. Got the MameCab in the other room, its collecting dust.

And this fate is what most websites suffer too. There are a lot of very popular websites back then, that are now slowly coming to a stop - unless they have the same guys who post there for years now.

Yes, you need something kicking and outstanding. Then this site my become more popular again. Until also this new feature gets old.


Edit: Holy shit, just found out I will be 10 years member here in January.

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alot of us xbox emu guys have a dedicated site from here and xbox-scene. over 20 of us regulars and those who drive by when we release something new. we got sick a certain mod here who drove us away.

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