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Christmas ads and sales before Veterans Day? WTF!


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As being a Med-Tech this pisses me off.


The Christmas rush is too much, now before veterans day I get 30 flyers in the mail for holiday sales. I get it that some people really like Christmas but they should have waited this year like every year. It makes no sense to make holiday shopping the day after Halloween.


It outrages me as a armed forces personnel. Like little jimmy bastard couldn't wait 2 weeks to see a santa parade.

I'm not sure if its this way in the USA but here in Canada it is. Just something thats been bugging me....oh well. :sad:

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What day is veteran's day? We don't have that, but today is remembrance day, the day WW 1 ended nearly 100 years ago.


It's the same thing but ours is Sunday the 11th.

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Hallmark gift & card stores put out their yearly Christmas ornament collections on July 5th. I don't think anyone is earlier than they are in the US.


Now that's early in the year.

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