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Request for guides and/or tutorials

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Hi everyone,


I recently received a suggestion that we start a section of up-to-date guides and tutorials for all things Xbox related. I think it's a great idea since we have a lot of experience here between us that could benefit new users. So whether it's modding, installing hardware, setting up emulators and whether you do it by video, images, or just written instructions please share some knowledge here and if we get enough good stuff I'll create a section and split each to its own topic.


For my part I'm going to take a look through past threads and look for posts that fit the bill, also I'm thinking of putting together a brief guide on how to install Visual Studio and compile your own Xbox binaries from sourcecode.


Many thanks.

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We'll start with a simple one: How to FTP to your Console


How to FTP to your console

  1. Download Filezilla and install
  2. Hook up xbox to Ethernet cord (Cat5e) cable [home network] (plug one end into your xbox and the other end into your home router)
    • You will know that the console is online when you see news streaming across the bottom of the XBMC main menu screen. You will also be able to look at weather information (I suggest hooking up the ethernet cable before you boot the console).

  • While at the main XBMC menu screen go down to settings, use the d-pad and hit the right direction. Now select system info and hit “A”
    • Then go to network
    • You need to find and write down your IP address (for the console)

    [*]Now open Filezilla on your PC (which has to also be hooked up to the same network). You will fill in the following information

    • HOST: ip address
    • USER: xbox
    • Password: xbox
    • Once you have filled all 3 in then you will hit enter and hopefully you will connect to your console.

    [*]If you want to add original xbox game iso’s to your console, you must extract them before transferring them. I recommend that you download Qwix101, this program allows you to select an ISO file that you have on your PC and extract it into a folder. You will then take this folder and transfer it over to the F:/games/ - where your other original xbox games are.

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@+T+: then that means everyone will be able to compile their own emu... and, um... how can a pusher keep his/her business if everyone get's their 'stuff' for free? (jk)

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