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Mr Nutz 2 Unreleased Megadrive Game Released.


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This was a surprise.

last year someone found the sourcecode for the unreleased game for the megadrive mr nutz 2.

anyway someone has managed to compile the sourcecode and it was released about 2 hrs ago.


I have been able to get the sources codes of the game Mr Nutz 2 for Sega Megadrive but i cannot compule thoses sources.


Because to create the Rom it's quite Hard!!


1 file is missing and i can't find it in the archive to make the whole ROM, file SEGA.OBJ must be transformed into SEGA.RAW and inluded in this file.


The assembly is quite difficulte and take place about the cli of 1200 or 4000, and necessite a good knowledge of the amiga.


However, with the source code of Mr Nutz 2 there is also the whole code of TURRICAN III for Amiga. All the graphics, the ASM 68000 code is commented in German and are inside the archive.


Mr Nutz 2 is the Megadrive Version of Mister Nutz for Amiga but better. More colors, and more levels.


So i need an Amiga to assembly the rom with Scripts and the CLI.


so basically the game is a port of the amiga game mr nutz,the original mr nutz released on the megadrive was never released on the amiga and that is why we have mr nutz 2 as in a port of the amiga game









all credit goes to everyone who worked on this.

enjoy this great release.

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