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A Question For +T+ Regarding FBL 1.9

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ive just upgraded from 1.7 to the latest FBL release from destonger which is basicly FBL 1.9 with the code for the new ddp2 and demonfront games added by destronger "great work by the way"


ive ran into some problems with my 8 neogeo decrypted roms i really need these as ive got a small stock HDD in my xbox

ive tried everything to get them going they worked fine in FBL1.7 ive ran them through clrmamepro everything matches up so does the neogeo bios zip i used the dat included with the release clrmamepro reported no issues with the roms

so cant see any reason why they wont load i get FBL encountered a problem message i tried the full versions of these roms

and they work so im kinda scratching my head here


so need to ask +T+ alot of changes in the neogeo driver in the FBA version which 1.9 is based on could this have affected

the decypted neogeo roms???

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I'm not aware of any driver issues with decrypted NG ROMs in FBL1.9. The Neogeo driver in 1.9 is exactly the same as in 1.7 except for the ROM changes so I can only suggest generating a new DAT, checking your ROMs with Romcenter as opposed to ClrMAME, and as a last resort try different ROMs.

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did you make sure your neo-geo bios are right? check the *cough* repo and find my neo-geo.zip. it has all the bios needed for 'v1.10'.


and i know you still use a v1.7 romset!! :poke:

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hmmm ive put the roms through clrmamepro it picksup any rom name changes and will rename all files inside the rom zip as well everything is

matched including the neogeo bios :rolleyes: ive sourced new roms 3 times from different sites i would'nt come to the boards with rom issues without trying

my hardest to get them going 1st ive been at this for days im gonna try once more with new roms and ill use the romcentre.dat this time


anyway im not gonna bother any of you guys again with this if i cant sort it ill use the neogeocps2.xbe from 1.7 all my decrypts work except for

metal slug 3 and sengoku 3 as the rom names have changed so i have to use full mslug3 + sengoku3 roms not ideal but it will do i guess



BTW me using an earlier core is not ment to be a slur on your work destronger as im still using every other core in your release

and im 100% thankfull for FBLv1.0 its just im down to the bare bones on my stock 8gb HDD if i cant get my decrypts workin

then i would have to remove a lot of games to fit the full versions on

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i'm sorry you can't get the ones you want working, however aren't you glad that you aren't 'locked' in what you can do with fbl?


i don't mind that you use other xbe's, tell us if that works! more power to the end user!!


do you have movies on this said xbox or just title screens?


have you tried to reformat the drive completely? and the format of the 'f' drive? that sometimes opens up more hdd space.

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thx for not bein offended but no need to say sorry not your fault it must be an issue my end which ive completly ran outta patience with

i just use screenshots to save space as for defragmenting my HDD never tried it will look into it cheers

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Again, I'd recommend using Romcenter over ClrMAME for checking your FBL ROMs.


i did try the romcentre.dat 1st its the one i normally use but clrmame threw up the dat is not complete error that was the dat from 1.10

FBL 1.9 was a fix update from 1.8 as i understand it so ill source a romcentre.dat from 1.8 and 1.9 and run my roms through it one more time


it would be far simpler to as you said complile a dat myself but i cant FTP into my xbox at the moment dont have the cables anymore to do that

so any dat i complie is stuck on my xbox ill try one last time if it works great if not i have a compromize and i wont bother anyone about this again

thx for the replys

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