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REVISED (3/31/2012) - 1Emulation ShortURL Redirect System!

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Inspired by Reddit, we now have a 1Emulation shortURL redirect system! Just to make subforums of 1Emulation easier to locate, and to link to your friends, we have created an easy to remember redirect structure!


Everything starts with just a forward slash /


EXAMPLE: To browse to the XBOX forum (simply type 1emulation.com and then /xbox in your address bar):

http://www.1emulation.com/xbox .... Easy, isn't?


We have a map of all the shortURLs listed (posted below too) under the navigation box on the portal page and now on the main board index! Enjoy :-)


PLEASE NOTE: The redirect structure does not currently work with links to threads, posts, etc.

This is ONLY for link backs to the forum categories and/or subforums listed below.

1Emulation Resources




CPUs, Gaming, Ladies, and Nonsense

/spam (100+ posts required)






Emulators/etc. on Personal Computers



– – – /pc/nes+snes

– – – /pc/n64

– – – /pc/ds

– – – /pc/wii+gc


– – – /pc/gens+megacd

– – – /pc/dc+saturn


– – – /pc/ps1

– – – /pc/ps2



Hax/Emulators/etc. on Gaming Systems








Emulators on Tablets and Smartphones



Edited by Alpha
no more 1e!!!
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After much deliberation with myself, I have removed the /1e/ before the links and set up new links for the subforums under Nintendo, Sega, and Sony.


Unfortunately, I had to remove the red color from the shortURL names next to each subforum title, as it was causing issues with Invision Board. Now, colors have been removed, and instead the shortURL names have been placed in brackets next to the names. All forums have also been renamed accordingly with "emulators" or "hacks" for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


The Final Message: Please do not use /1e/ before the URLs anymore!


Enjoy and some feedback would be nice. :-)

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Now, is there any way to change the actual link on the pages to make them like this? That would be even better.

Not without re-writing the entire way Invision Board does friendlyURLs. So, unfortunately the answer is currently no :sad:

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