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Logo Contest for XBOX forum!


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Here's another just for fun..



Wow, this one is amazing! Can you make the background transparent and make it smaller so it will fit better at the top of the board? Remember, it will be overlaying the current green background.

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I made some minor tweaks, where I had forgotten to properly angle the fonts evenly and decrease the visibility of the pattern stripes, I felt it stood out too much and really seemed overboard. In all I didn't want to go too crazy with this, there's still plenty improvements that could potentially make this a better logo, but i'm faced with limitations of how much i'm allowed to do... 6rpu89.png

Could we make this smaller? Like this size: http://www.1emulatio...post__p__353955

I can do that, but it may look a little weird. I will see what i can do. I still think FrankMorris has the better design, you should probably go with that. The speech box is very crafty, although I do think baby blue suits it so much more than army green.

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