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DoDonPachi 2 BeeStrorm And Demon Front Now Playable

gamez fan

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FBA's PGM code is a little unstable. It's got a couple of long-standing, hard to track, bugs that I've been having a hell of a time squashing. They are largely unpresent in FBL because it uses older code and ignores things like sprite zooming.

It's true, the PGM driver in FBL was one of the 'frozen' drivers which didn't get updated along with the rest of the core due to having Xbox-specific VMM routines. With some drivers I was occasionally able to integrate the old VMM code into the updated driver but where there was any doubt, I just left well enough alone.


thx for the answers guys ive wanted to play ddp2 for years glad to here it will indeed play fine on the xbox

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it's funny... that xbox360 controller on top of my tv hasn't moved from that location much. i think it's been in all my pix of my skins i've made too. :-)

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