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Suggest - Other Recent News on Front Page


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Just a suggestion, we could also place recent big news regarding games, animation, movies porn*cough* etc.

I know i just gave very broad topics but perhaps we could have better flow if someone posts stories that every other forum has going on.

There are some news that have yet to be posted on 1emu, but when I view my other 5 forums that i visit, this topic has been thoroughly discussed/debated and still going on. Either way I thought it would be cool to look at the front page and see more than "new emulator released". (and yeah i know the website is called 1emu)


I know we do our own thing but that was just a suggestion.


P.S. - It is possible that you already do this and i just miss it, if that is the case then please correct me.

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Sounds like a great idea! I honestly feel we need to find a way to properly separate the emulator news from the general gaming news/etc. I just wish I could find a coder to figure out how to properly separate it on the front page.

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I think Alpha would be ok with this... if you would like to add some of these recent news items to the News Submission Forum, we can check it out.

What would you be looking for? Just news in the "gaming world" or would new games itself qualify. I can bring some news just wanna mimize the fodder.

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