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The DLC Era.... DISCUSS!


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So with ME3 out, Im sure we all heard about the day1 dlc that was waiting for any customer who didn't buy the collector's edition. As expected this caused an slight uproar from ME fans who felt the dlc was very vital part of the story and felt cheated by having to pay for something should have been part of the game.

I'll exclude the dlc summary for now but will intrigue those if they are curious. Now the starting argument to support this or at least defend the Day1 DLC is EA is a business and all businesses want to make money- period, and are free to charge dlc however they want.

Does this justify it?

But to get off EA we've got newly released street fighter X Tekken which is confirmed have DLC already imprinted unto the disc itself (this is not new stuff here btw) but these hints can easily point you to idea that you will pay for something that is already on the disc. IMO I see what they're going for, Day1 DLc is meant to capitalize on faithful gamers who purchase limited editions and what not. But I miss the days where we paid for whatever was on the disc and nothing more.

Are we approaching the era where DLC will be close to mandatory to have a full experience of a game? If so will increasing the price help? Or are the people who sell these games just being greedy? WHat do you guys think?

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My opinion only...



When you buy a game, you have to be able to play it from beginning to end as advertised on the box.


DLC would only be for extra episodes or scenes that are optional (not required to finish the game).


Sometimes the extra is already on the disk, and the so-called DLC is to make to you pay to access it. This content should be available to you already (since you already paid for the disk), and good luck to any one who can unlock it without having to pay again.


DLC which allows you to download entirely new (and optional) content (and keep it) would seem ok to me.

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Okay so my thoughts on the whole matter is, I dont mind paying dlc so long as its extra content.

The only reason I( A ME fan) would be bothered would be a Prothean mission, is not really something that seems extra but vital to a story that spoke of the protheans ever since the FIRST game. SO when they say it was made AFTER the game, i kinda raise my eyebrow. But if this was supposedly dlc then i guess I'm not bothered by it.


I REALLY dont care about the ME3 incident too much but i do fear for the future, as i can see where this can go...easily.

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DLC is a rip off.

I heard this insane rumour about 10 years ago that when you bought a game you got ALL the game.



My limits: Truly worth the price tag DLC is fine but i want a LOT of game for my money.


Bullshit DLC: New shoes for your charecter, extra "dialogue" for replys in conversation, armour for your horse etc...

Just makes me irritated.


A lot of the ME2 DLC I pirated and thank god I did.

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Whoa Ems, lol! Caught me by surprise with that one.


I do think though there wasnt enough people who stood up against when it was new, which actually was around the xbox1 later days. But then i remember paying 350 points for three whole maps, and i mean detailed stuff. Dlc wasnt so crazy back then though.


We're living the console patch era where we share the same pain of PC gamers who have to wait for a few patches for the game to work like it should, except we cant edit the game like they can(All con no pro).

Secondly "game journalists" say games cost more money to make so with that and the used game industry(like GameStop) other methods must be pushed to ensure that high profit is made. ut dlc will still stand strong cuz ther ae pple like my friend who must have the new "AMOR PACK" for his game and Im like, "I guess..."


There has also been strong conversations regarding raising the standard price of games to help this issue, which make you classic $60 now 70$. If that's so, would we still have special editions or would that make the special edition $80? lol

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