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Tony hawks american wasteland ce xbox edition (special-release)


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quote by XtecuterX73


well i have had this for a very long time now, and decided to release it out to anyone who wants it.

what is it? Well...


its the first ever Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Collectors Xbox Edition. Previously, only the ps2 had this it was never on the xbox, it came with 2 exclusive levels, Atlanta and Marseilles, 2 extra characters: 80s tony and 70s alva and some concept art and vids. A simple replace of the files included in the download and now you have the Xbox one too!! for some reason it was "dummied" out and never saw the light of day on the xbox. its tucked away on every disc on the xbox and most people dont know it, and through some help i was able to get this going. This comes with debug menus as well. The only thing missing is the concept art and vids so dont try to look at them or the box will freeze.



PLEASE replace all the files included in the folder in the zip file in this download. it has all the instructions in the readme so please read before doing anything. obviously you need access to the game files on your xbox since you have to replace files.


it would be cool if someone has a youtube acccount to make a small vid or so of this. im almost 100 percent sure im the only person to ever have this. lol.


anyways, enjoy guys and let me know if you have any issues or questions!



thanks to XtecuterX73 for this special release.


its out there so go get it.

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Hope to see the mods for the thug games in the series soon. Has anyone ever tried to interchange levels on these games. I might try but I don't think it would be as easy as swapping level files. I'd think it would be somewhat possible because I doubt the file/level structure has changed much between some of the games in this series.

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