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KAWA-X - loading games - help!!!


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This might come across as sounding totally newbish - but Im desperate for some help on this one...anyone got any answers?


I've FINALLY got a version of KAWA-X running on my XBOX...but still cant get any games to run. I've got a copy of NEO-GEO.ZIP - the NEO-GEO BIOS set and all the files seem to be there...


... zipped all the.BIN files for each game up into their.ZIP files and transferred them into the ROMS directory of KAWA-X... but STILL no games are showing up on the load game screen of KAWA-X.. I just left all the settings at default for the.ZIP files I created if that makes any difference???


I've got a copy of neogeo.zip and put this in the KAWA-X folder aswell...am I missing something REALLY obvious here? GAAAAH!!!!!

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ok well your neogeo.zip should have the following in it:

000-lo.lo 64KB

sfix.sfx 128KB

sp-s2.sp1 128KB


also if you are trying to play the banned roms (svc, rotd, and so on) you need kawa-x plus which you can get here


as for your roms; make sure that you don't have them zipped in a folder, just zip the roms themselves and nothing more


hope this helps :D

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Ahah - found what the problem was...a dodgy copy of KAWA-X!!!


I checked some of the source files like NEOGEO.ZIP and alot of them were 0KB... probably why it all downlaoded so fast!!! I have just got a full version of KAWA-X PLUS which works and even comes with a nice little selection of ROMS!!! WOOHOOO!!! At least now I know I'm not as dumb as I thought - LOL.


So it turns out that I had been doing everything right - but the package of KAWA-X I got was incomplete or something...ah well... alot of stress over nothing!!!


One more question though -... still KAWA-X but the CPS2 bit this time... I can load CPS1 and NEO-GEO games fine...but when I try and load a CPS2 game - I keep getting errors like:


ERROR: Cant load vh2j.03 (1a5feb13)


not sure what this means??? Could it be something to do with the CPS2 BIOS??? Anyone know what files should be in the CPS2 BIOS.ZIP file or where to download a working version???


Thanks ALOT for the help so far...and thanks in advance for this question!!!!!!!

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well some cps2 games use others in order to work like for example:

CPS2 Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Japan 970707) mshvsfj.zip needs

CPS2 Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (US 970827) mshvsf.zip in order to work


the orignal kawa-x included a supported game list which can help you find what rom is giving you a prob

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