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New Emulators Being Worked on For Xbox.


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Anyone know if there has ever been any XBox porting attempt of 'xroar' (Radio Shack/Tandy Color Computer/'Dragon' computer emulator)


See: http://www.6809.org.uk/dragon/xroar.shtml


I'm pretty sure the ol' XB could handle it, based on the other things it's been ported to. :D



If you're not familiar with the system, you can easily find some videos with actual gameplay/etc via:










...you can also play around with an in-browser JAVA-based emulator on:




...go to [sETUP] to choose binaries to load. "Downland" under 'BIN' (cart) was one of my favorites back in the day ;)






There was also a Color Computer 3 emulator (xroar only does earlier versions of the system, up to the 'CoCo' 2) on http://www.vavasour.ca/jeff/trs80.html but I'm pretty sure the source is mostly PC ASM-targetted, but I haven't checked.


there is a port of the thomson 7-70 computers for xbox called xthom v3 and there is texas intruments emulator for xbox called texas instruments 99x.

i dont know if this is what you are looking for.

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