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Is this a good time to buy a new Desktop?


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I was looking into buying a high performance gaming desktop. I bought a roided out Desktop years ago with Dual Core AMD processors and nVidia 8600GTS and it lasted me almost forever.


However, I think it's time I got an upgrade. Is this a particular good time to invest in a new desktop with new processors / graphics cards, etc. always being released?


Also, slightly off topic: Emulation wise-- can the new MacBook Pro 15'' with i7 quad core processors be good enough to emulate Wii (Dolphin) / PS2 (PCSX2)?


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Wait for black friday deals, I suppose.

Also, why get apples when you could get beefier from dell?


A sandy quad with a gt5 or over should do great for everything you throw at it.

I'm tired of spending hours once a month running a billion updates to try to protect Windows 7 from the latest malware. Rather use a Unix based operating system and not have to worry so much about viruses and such. That's the primary reason I'd ever consider buying a Mac.

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Build it your self Cop and we can take a look at it.

Your card is in desperate need of an upgrade though if you are wanting to play the latest and greatest.

Im still getting buy on my dual core 6400+ amd...


Only another 2GB stick of ram and an ATI HD6850 In the upgrade slots since I bought it.

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