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Google deactivated my blog


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After a years worth of updates they decided to pull the plug.

Im the first one to admit my blog can turn ugly at times and i do have strong political views which I rarely post.

I was getting 1000+ hits a month and had reached well over 100000 views world wide. I Loved working on the old girl.



A quick search returned a "porn blog" on the blogspot server linking to all kinds of ill shit, but hey an asshole from england who drinks too much beer is obviously not welcome in such places.

Am I entitled to "copies" of my work as the blog held all of them? I doubt most of you guys will know anything about this.

I just got a crushing wall of text with policies etc and im supposed to just figure out which one it is that I broke?

Just weak man, just weak.

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Im the first to admit I can kick a lot of ass on my blog (or did) and i could sink my teeth pretty hard.


But things I never did or wanted to do:


Racism: Very rare I even used a word like camel jocky.


Incited Hate: I never burned Union jacks or organised riots.


Diretcly attacked people , name , address, etc


I can hate who i want when i want, my writing was about getting my anger out sometimes and thats the place I did just that.


Im hoping to set up a proper .com soon do any of you guys know some trust worthy places that dont charge the moon and the stars?

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