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Final Burn Legends Ghouls and Ghosts 720p skin - (added update v1)

Mr Feud

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Hi guys


Just changed the original link to make a complete version with the update v1 already installed, so no need to copy over any update files its already done. The reason I'm doing this is because it saves people downloding 2 files and keeps everything complete in 1 file so I recommend downloading the new link which is about 59mb. its my fault for not uploading the correct version on the original halloween release date, sorry about that.


so the link on the first post for "Ghouls and Ghosts 720p + update v1" is the best version to get.



My apologies for the confusion



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unfortunately I'm not able to download the files.

I'm particularly interested in the SD version (but the other one could be usefull for me in the future).

So please, anyone could put it back here ?

Would be much apreciated.

Thank you !



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here is a download for hd version fo the skin




and here is update 1 of the hd skin(just copy over the original release above)


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Thank you fumanchu for your quick answer (and for all your contribution in general :msnwink: )

Do you have the SD version full package as well ?

Because I tried with the HD version and it doesn't fit on my 4/3 TV screen (pretty logical). Even when I replace the menu picture files with the SD extra files in the update package.


Thanks in advance,



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