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Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Formula Wars 0122 (J) (ENG PATCHED) for snes.

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new released english translation.



Kidou Senshi Gundam F91 - Formula Senki 0122 (or Mobile Suit Gundam F91: Formula Wars 0122) is RTS game for Super Famicom that was released in Japan on 6th July, 1991.

This game however, never reach stateside, which was then translated into English by Twilight Translations 5 years ago, and then finished on 19th of July, 2011. Enjoy it folks!




In UC 0122, the detached corps of the Mars Zeon, led by Charles Rochester, invades Earth with assistance from the Crossbone Vanguard.

The Earth Federation Space Force deploys the Gundam Formula 90 and the F91 Gundam Formula 91 to repel them.


Team Note:

The game itself is billed as a Real Time Strategy game, but don't go into the game

expecting something similar to an RTS from the early 90s or you'll probably be sorely

disappointed. Sure, there's a map and you move the Gundam around like an RTS, but once

you enter combat with an enemy unit everything RTS-like goes out the window.




link for patched rom



thanks go to the people who worked on this.

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Thanks for this too :)


And the video of the project :


I don't understand how to include the video in my message :)

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I have just recently watched all the Gundams and I am a massive fan!


Gundam 00 is pretty cool!



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