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The best emulated games of all time

retro gamer

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Most of the KOFs, SFII, Zero/Alpha 2 and 3... let's just say most of the Streetfighters, X-men COTA, Marvel Super Heroes, all of the versus series...


Okay, just about anything by SNK and/or Capcom that involves punching someone else in the face? Them.


DonPachi, DoDonpachi, Esp R.A.D.E., Pro Gear No Arashi, Guwange...


Okay, just about anything by Cave that involves shooting stuff in the face? Them.


And the Raiden Fighters series.

Still gutted that we're not getting that 360 collection in PAL-land.



Forgot Battle Garrega. And Battle Bakraid. And Gunbird 1 and 2. And Armed Police Batrider - look, you did say "games"...

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Chrono Trigger

Melfland histories

Wild Guns

Megaman X series

Act raiser series

Demon's crest


Super Mario Bros series (all of them!!!)




Golden axe

Altered beast

Gunstar heroes

Sword of vermilion

Phantasy star series

Keio flying squadron

Shadow of the beast 2


Supreme Warrior

Earnest Evans




Splatter house

Neutopia series

Dungeon explorer series

Valis series

Ys series

Castlevania chi no rondo

Military madness series (nectaris)

Xak series

Shockman series


R type series

Lords of thunder


Ranma series

Double Dragon 2




SF2 series and hacks

Splatter house

Punch the trio

Parodius series

Twin bee series

KOF series

SFA series

Metal slug series

Art of fighting series

World heroes series

Rage of dragons

PI matrimele

TMNT series

Cowboys of moo mesa

Survival arts (yeah is a cr....p of game but I like it)

MK series

Juju/Toki (my guilty pleasure lol)

Rastan series (warrior blade is superb!!!)

Double dragon series

Dragon ninja/Bad dudes


Shadow Dancer






Wargods (720p!!!)

Mario 64 (720p!!!)

Mace the Dark age (720p!!!)

Goemon series




Dragon's lair series

Space Ace



Just some of my most played games but the list is huge I love all arcade games and RPG console games as well.

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