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Remember my previous posts here regarding the optimization of the mednafen pce "perfect cue system"? Because nobody was willing to do it, I started working on it with the support and suggestions from my friend Philexile, the idea was make a list of bugs and errors regarding all the games to help Madmab in the way of know where to search, in that list making I learned more of the pce emulation (I'm very good in this regard, if it is PCE I'm the man for the job, ask Philexile the whole history) unfortunately mi HD had a meltdown an I lost the list, but not the discoveries I made working on it.

The game I was testing and working on was "Ranma Datou Ganso Musabetsu Kakutouryuu" (the semi fighting one, GREAT GAME BTW!) wich I picked because the errors jumps right away in the first cutscene (no sound at all) and keep coming in almost every one of the game (mute clips, wrong sound issues, wrong synch times, etc.) and confirmed that the "perfect cue system" in the "pcetoc.zip" file is the cause, this .lsn files are nothing but TOCs (table of contents) from the games but they are in the most from the necstasy database and designed to work with HU-GO (not HU-GOX) and the turborip tool made by deuce.

After lots of research and tests I came to the version used for the xmednafen pce, there are some games that can't be fixed because the core of the emu wasn't updated (as you stated in your posts earlier) but they are only 5!!!! then the others can be fixed somehow, to make it short I was doing ceiling calculations of the pregap on the tracks and my results were very diferent of the ones used in the "perfect cue system" so I calculated the pregaps in the ranma game and fixed 8 MISTAKES AND 9 WRONG CALCULATED TRACKS!!!! on it, after I replaced the original pcetoc.zip with my custom one THE GAME PLAYED FINE WITHOUT ANY ERROR!!! I tested every part, music and cutscene, finish the game and even do the cheats for looking at all.

I'm working in the fixes of the other problematic games guys and I will post the fix as soon as I finish it ok?

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Sweetness. Maybe i can finally get around to playing Ys.


Are you really legendary elconejotres like you say you're? You come across as a beggar around here.


HAHAHA legendary?? nahhh dude I never said that, that was some comment that my friend philexile made some time ago, just very handy and with lots of practice with the pce emulation, yes you're right maybe I came at first as a "beggar" but I was searching for help, and because nobody gives a damn then I have to do it myself and here we are with results and improvements at last.

BTW if you're curious of how much "legendary" I'm, you have a PSP and wanna know why phil say that........ PMe :angry:

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