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SNES Rumble Requests

Mega Man (?)

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Really iq_132?



I guess I never new too much about those emus.

Did you include the actual codes all setup too? (or just the support?)


Yeah, they have been in Xport/madmab emus for years and I don't think anyone used it because,

A: they where not aware of the feature and its potential.


B: they didn't know how to make them


C: there simply were no codes anyone ever made for them to try. (mainly, the ones I knew about came from the pack in zsnexbox and then from gilles, and I think he made all of those :( )


So, hopefully with packs all set up and ready to go, we can spread more awareness/use about this awesome feature!:)


Thanks man.

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I added this ability to FBA/FBA-xxx a long time ago. I'm pretty disappointed no one ever seemed interested in it aside from myself. :(

It's pretty neat to play Street Fighter 1/2/3 and tons of shmups with rumble.


Woaw ... fantastic ... playing arcade games with rumble :)

I love this idea :D


I wish some people made them ...


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