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PS3 hacked wide open

Devia Eleven

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Oh well, I think I am leaving the gaming scene further and further now. Why?


1. Been playing originals for some time. Didn't bother to download ISOs anymore even for PSP. And I only play back older games or those really good games.


2. Not sure why, but i do like using PSN store and their occasional sales. Just like when I am using XBL.


3. I didnt turn on my PS3 for weeks sometimes now. Worklife and personal life is taking priority now, since I am having so much fun in China :)

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I use my Ps3 daily. If not for gaming, then for videos. Plus, Mass Effect 2 is released in a few days. I'm not that interested (yet anyway) about possible ways run run homebrew and backups on my PS3.


P.S. The PSN Store isreally great. My only gripe is that the EU PSN doesn't get nearly as many offers as the US, especially when it comes to PSOne Classics. Aside from a few Final Fantasy titles and Vagrant Story that I already own on disc, the rest of the offerings are more or less mediocre shit.

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