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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange refused bail


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Paypal and Amazon locked up all funding to wikileaks they had allowed on their sites, and Visa had locked his account. These sites were attacked accordingly, and I believe even went down for a bit (also rumors that some account information, including numbers, were leaked). Charges are obviously bs. US has interests in extraditing, even inventing new laws; but reps realize the downside is his supporters will grow in numbers and possibly more damage will occur. Muy interesante.

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Even if the charge of sexual molestation is dismissed or found to be baseless, he will be labeled a "rapist" or some other similar term by those attemping to malign/thwart him and what his group does.


It's character assassination on a grand scale. What's really troubling is the kind of stuff politicians and other U.S. officials are saying about Wikileaks; we're crossing into dangerous territory in terms of censorship and freedoms being trampled upon. I think our govt in its words and response have totally bungled everything.


We're beginning to peer over that cliff that our good friend George Orwell warned us about. That is..unless we haven't jumped off the cliff already.



I've heard far more people outraged and say the charges seem trumped. And to me, it seems the US is attempting to dismantle freedom of speech and media with this whole "espionage" bit. The US' knee-jerk is doing far more harm than is realized.

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His friends put up his bail and he has been released, according to the wikileaks facebook page.


The judge banned Twitter from the courtroom.


He originally denied bail. Are you aware of the insurance files? Apparently a lot of people downloaded it a while ago, a locked folder... and the password will be given if something happens to him. Rumor has itthat it's liable to cause a $hit$torm. And I feel one in my bones abrewin'

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^Holy shit someone crack the password anyway!


How the hell did twitter come up in the courtroom? WTF?


They kept everyone of his followers updated. Okay, his site has 1200 mirrors atm... and the password has the same power behind it even after download. Figure this: I would unlock and change info, yes? Extra insurance. Bonus round: government agents are scouring 4chan. Approximate three are lurking this thread. Shit storm is serious for us in America, and they are attempting to claim heirgharchy in /b/ atm. This wiki thing is deep, and they are grasping everywhere for info. Z and his shenanigans.

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