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Help me build my rig

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Yeah I used Newegg and all prices are in USD. I don't really know all that much about who ships to Romania but I usually use the following sites:



Tiger Direct





Buy.com (rarely they have some random good deal)


and a few other small specialty sites that only sell coolers and stuff. Maybe if you can send me some sites that ship to Romania I can have a look around for you.

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Amazon ships to Romania. Also, I'd like to find a decent nVidia card, because I'm a fanboy :) Currently interested in only 1 as well. SLI/Crossfire might come afterwards.


Also, retarded noob question, but I noticed that 8GB of ram (2x4), is that like a two dual channel kits or a quadra channel kit (does it exist)?


edit: added you on MSN if that's cool.


edit #3: I tried ordering parts for a full rig off Amazon, 80% of these items couldn't be shipped to Romania.

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You can get an nvidia card if you want, but again you pay a price premium just because it says "Nvidia" on it. You will pay much more money for only a small performance gain if any. Also they require much more power to run and create much more heat.


As far as the RAM goes it's actually a triple channel kit. DDR3. Some boards need sets of 3 while some need sets of two. There are no quad channel memory kits/motherboards yet. I imagine it would be called DDR4.


That's cool that you added me, I'll have to see if I have it installed. I barely ever get on. When you order from amazon pay attention to the little box on the right where it says "Ships from" because when you order from amazon a lot of the stuff doesn't actually come from Amazon. See which places would ship to you and try to see if they have stuff you want.

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Probably be ALOT cheaper for you to find someone in North America that you trust, to purchase parts from Tigerdirect/Newegg or wherever and have them ship them to you.


I'd be willing to do it with the money up front, I don't have the funds right now to cover being reimbursed.


Get it all shipped here, then box it all up in a single box and ship it out insured at value.

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