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Any you guys have to put up with crying babys?


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Im staying at my sisters for a while and she has two kids ones older and ones just a baby.

The older babys crying isnt so bad, but the younger ones cry cuts threw my skull and hurts my ears, I have never known a noise like it and it drives me up the fucking wall.

She just took them out now and I can still feel my left ear hurting is that even fucking normal?

Could it be that my ears are just sensitive to a certain pitch?


I know babys crys are "tuned" to get your attention - but i dont think i have read any place that it should also hurt, i have been round babys a lot but nothing like this.

Its getting to the point were I imagine drop kicking a baby.

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just break off the filters from a couple of cigarettes. save money on Doctor visits.

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I cant be doing with this shit, im supposed to be having a "break" at my sisters but all Im doing is washing pots, not eating very well, been told I cant have my PC in the "spare room cause i will smoke", on top of that i gutted her bathroom, cleaned her landing and stairwell, Im up and down like a blue ass fly whenever she wants something fetching, to cap it all off tonight I couldnt have my "sound on" cause it was too "bassy" so I unplugged my speakers and put some pussy ass ones in, I aint got no headphones and cant buy any till wednesday.


Soon my keyboard strokes will be too loud and the vast amount of cleaning wont be good enough.

To cap it all off the kids are whining like fuck, fuck this shit if im gonna live like a grunt i might as well do it in my own flat, back home this week for sure, think ill go wednesday on my pay day and go back to the shit hole of a street and house i call home.


Dont get me wrong i love my sister and the kids, and all my immediate family work, this recession is biting harder than ever now and its the week before monthly pay for everyone.

I aint got no job, i cant get a job, and im stuck on benefits.

Even if i could afford a course which i cant chances are with this recession there will be ten guys in front of me with more experience.

I might actually koin the army as a labourer, it cant be any worse.

To cap it all off I will be might be meeting a real nice girl this wednesday but she has a kid.


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