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It would be so nice...

Fatal Rose

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I used to be pretty decent at pool. but I haven't played in years.


I've actually never played nor know how to play beer pong.

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I used to be good at it, I learned by playing small time bets, 10 bucks 20 bucks.

Your game has to be good from the break, if i missed more than one shot I used to lose, then I just stopped playing now I cant get my rhythm back at all.

Would bet a buck though.

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The secret to being good at pool is to get just nicely drunk, that way your brain doesnt talk you out of trying shots & instinct takes over & more balls go down, tip too far over the drunk edge though & your game goes straight down the pan (by this point though both players are normally so pissed it becomes very funny to play & screw it up)

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