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CoinOps X/ShowRoom


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its also for Arcades and anything non mameox/mamedox/mamebx :P although I already know the fix...theres only one bug and its been there for years...its just the download numbers have many so many people have updated recently so the old problem is back again..for those that have long memories they will already know the fix...I was seeing if anyone was actually old school left.


PS just incase yes I know of 100s of bugs in the resolutionx release and some of the games dont boot etc...yes many have reported alot of issues to me but trust me they arnt there in my release....im not supporting or taking that stuff into consideration as I know he has little to no knowlege of CoinOPS or MAME and how it runs...and most if not all are of the issues are begineer level stuff. Use it at your own risk I personally think it should come with a warning but as stated many times I dont support it im sure its 90percent ok



but this is the wrong thread as the owner of this would know... :) it may as well be closed...ill stay out of this thread from now on......

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UnPosted from the BP thread.


LMFAO, October 2009, in regard to one skin hardly heralds a thread that i'll weep over, silly boy.

Just close your thread again, that's the easiest soloution isn't it.

However, then you have no soap box to crow from, no post numbers, no interest.

Then again with your MOD/Admin rights i suppose you could merge some stuff and rustle up a few more numbers as you've been doing for a very, very long time now.

Well over 2 yrs on the same project, perhaps 3.

You've hardly come a long way have you, copy n paste can only take you so far.

The scraps real Dev's throw you every now and then, ah bless your dumb ass.

It would have been quicker to do a Degree or start from scratch and build your own emulator.

Talk about "flogging a dead horse".


I thought you compiled that bug ridden piece of shit R5 ! It wasn't Rx at all.

Adding the Xtras to one of your projects hardly lays the blame at the his door for your shortcomings.


R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, X.

All the same patchwork. From what im told its still its not right.

Hey if it was a Ocean Liner or an AirCraft with that many bad patches it would have been scrapped, crushed and recycled long ago and you would have been facing charges.


CoinOps in its various guises (Arcades, Ignite, re-Ignite Combustion and probably 10 others previous) then the 9 "R" series and now the 3 Showroom series. Must be well over 20 of your release threads available to read isn't there ?

No, just the one merged thread, hmmm, do the math.

Numbers my arse. Your a FOOL to think everyone else is also fooled.


Euthanasia, refers to the practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering.

Have a think about it.


Sad, sad little boy.


PS. Keep the PM's coming, i will try to work through them as best i can.

And "YES" your identity's will never be revealed by me, not my style.

BP will never know who you are, i promise !

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lol yeah keep em coming im worried aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :P


its download numbers you fool....I have access to your release site numbers and its not looking good


But hey if your not interested and no one is why do you keep coming I dont come to Xbox Scene and its pretty much dead these days...I tell you here no need for me to come and tell you there as your allways coming to tell me no one come here when lots do now thanks to xbox scene going so downhill as predicted....cheers CBA I owe you one


anyway ill hide in fear now.....cause its the reason I run away...:) good luck with your thread hope it doesnt end up in tumble weeds



PS lol read below thats some funny shit...all you admins from all you sites your all rats and bitches...thats by far the best ive ever heard :P ever thats awsome

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Xbox-Scene will be scarce these days as dozens of it's core members are working away on projects "TOGETHER".

You only have access to public stuff you fool, no core members use any of the sites or it's affiliated chatrooms for any Xtras talk as we know who ya bitches are there too, yes including Admin at certain sites, they are some of the bitch's/rats too. We know and always have. Fool.

You've entered 3 abusive post's since i stated "the R5 release is BP's balls up, RX never compiled any of that shit"

What say you ? At R5 etc release time it was the bee's knees according to you, now you've been found out so you blame someone else.

LOL, how lame. Definately an insecure teenager. Definately.


Keep your thread open cause as you've found out, people will soon wander off.


I think edit time one more will no sense make.

Hey, tried some of your post's in Google Translate ?????? It couldn't help me either.

So now im convinced, you do make it up as you go along.

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