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hot dog storm fba help

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ok got another question for you guys. i added the hazemd sega romset and howcome not all the sega games were added in? i want to play games like rbi 93, and blockbuster championship, why werent all the hazemd games added in? and is there a way to add them in?


edit: looks like there is no way to do it i guess.

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Haven't tried those games myself, maybe they were never playable to begin with..?

You never know about more stuff being playable in the future though... ;)



well the emu looks to be in place just the list of games that you can play is not complete. looks like only the more popular roms were chosen to be in and the others were just left out. cant see any reason why the other md roms wouldnt be able to run just added back into to the emu and recompiled. :P



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