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I got hacked to fuck...


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Today i cant re-login my facebook, so I do the usual "wtf?"

Then i noticed my email which i have used for YEARS suddenly wont let me in.


When my sister checked my facebook it has not been Phished or scammed or anything dodgy posted, this could be a direct attack on me (I say attack but Ive had worse like that time 3 guys laced the fuck out of me)

Anyone got any ideas?

Looks like I might just have to restart all over again with stronger passwords, I Dont know many people capable of such skill in fact I only know of a handful but Im pretty sure they have no reason to do this?


Anyone got any advice here?


This is seriously fucked...

There is a chance ill get my facebook back but not much chance of the hotmail account which i think was originally hacked an ELEVEN worded password!!! (no they cant the password here its different and is not wired to my hotmail)

I might be signing off permanently, if I do re use facebook it will be very strictly monitored.


Heh, hotmail and facebook flipped in a moment.

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Id like to start over to be honest i had a few people on facebook i didnt want on anyway.

Email accounts like yahoo, hotmail etc are the corner stone to every fucked up thing out there, I have read success storeys of facebook been re-initiated, so im going to give them 24 hours, why the fuck did i get nailed so hard?

The video virus, hah at least you get a chance to change your password!!

Hotmail account, fuck it not fussed there aint nothing in there that can be used.


but the facebook - who knows whos wormed it right? I doubt anyone i know knows anyone who could do such things, be nice to get the account torn down to at least get my family photos off there.




The most popular site on the net can be torn down by its weakest link, free email accounts.

No one gives a shit about them, even if you do sign in with "alternative" email or 600 security questions, there is no "real" way to recover these, so all the hacker has to do is monitor a few hits coming in from sites and Voilà got a new password and reset.


This is the first time other than my site, i have had anything hacked outright, next time round my email is gonna be hidden and a mean ass password nailed in for good measure.

I Dont have any bullshit on my computer, im running kaspersky that is shit hot!

cheers micro-suck not only did i buy Vista, but you let people waltz in your accounts without as much as a wet fart to guard it.

Im digging in like an alabama tick now.



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Just to quote a random from the net on facebook:

Well, I don’t know about keeping it from being hacked, but fixing it AFTER it’s hacked ain’t happening. My wife’s account got hacked yesterday, and after HOURS of e-mail, phone calls (none answered), clicking links, etc. – her hacked (and changed) account is STILL up and running 18 hours later. I know, I know – it’s less than a day – but when some freak @ss has control of your personal information and is trying to scam everyone on your friend list, and also has access to your hotmail account, well, life sucks.


I’d advise EVERYONE reading this to create a new free mail accound specificially for social networking and have a drastically different password for that account. Might help someone avoid the same nightmare we’re going through right now.


Heh, if this guy is ringing up then i for one am sure as hell fucked.

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I got a reply from Microsuck today I reset my password and put a new one in but the fucker aint working!!!!

There is slim chance I might be able to get this all back.

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I scored it all back, and I have to say even though im not on the microsoft kicks ass band wagon, props to them for coming through in the end, luckily the hack did not alter my facebook email and I was able to reset everything in the end.


In the mail they asked me:


Last time I logged on

Name of some contacts in my contact list

Secret question

some of the emails in my inbox (title)

Luckily I came through because when I signed up for my hotmail account I whizzed threw it and I normally put in crazy answers cause i Dont like filling forms in...

I mean they woman who helped me actually thought i was called "Sebastian smith"

:) :) :)

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