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My trip to town was full of fail today.


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I had to go to court to get my eviction date looked at, so I was mulling around in that hole for half an hour pretending that I couldn't spell so the woman would do all the work for me, but in the end I filled out the forms.


Then I went to score Just cause 2 (I keep one new game in circulation on trade in every two weeks) and CEX had none, so i punched the manger in the face and went to look for some trainers, the shop sucked I was after some nike classics with the red tick like forest gump but they did not have any of them so I left.

I tried another store but no luck there either, after I tried to score a berghaus fleece, it was supposed to be in a sale for 30 pound but when i got in the shop the sale was over and they hiked the prices back up 66 pound (they didn't shift at the cheap price so yeah good idea hike them back up)


After a gut-full of fail I had to buckle and go to game-station (not game although I'm sure they would of been fully stocked up on just cause 2 on the PS3) so noticing the game on the shelf , I first got my PX price on heavy rain, a decent 24 pound, so I went back and plucked Just cause 2 from the shelf where by I was told "Out of stock."

So I burned the store down and went home.


Fail day is full of fail..

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Man Im so pissed right now I should be hammering away blowing ass to kingdom come, ill get to see Friday if they have any stock in at both CEX and gamestation.

I think there is only this and street fighter that I am currently interested in on the PS3.

I cant blow off 40 pound a game, most ill do is 20 on a good PX on a new game Ive had enough of.

Ill only spend full price of tripple A titles or games that truly interest me such as red dead redemption, oh i said it! I said red dead redemption! Man that game is gonna pwn.


I might play metro 2033 tonight or god of war 3 (still cant beat zeus) bayonetta has failed to pull me back in ;(

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I only give it about 4 goes, the first round i can whup his ass I back off, only his diving super head butt catches me out, the second time round i think i get really close, but he just owns me up.

I think the last section with the heart I can do, ive been told not to use the bow or he will multiply.

Its just the second round really.

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Ill get round to it.

CEX wont have any stock come Friday I just found out, so that leaves gamestation...

If they fail I fail cause there aint no way Im getting it from game.


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