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Bioshock 2 - not as good as the first and annoying?


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Well I got to honestly say this time round the game has just irritated me more than I have enjoyed it.

Last time round it was inventive and mixed - this time round it really feels like a liner shooter, nothing seems to really "help" from the Adam you find and spend.

And what's with the "small" levels and enemies thrown at you?

Combat is just chaotic - aim at some thing Dont look at anything else, cycle weapon for ammo type shoot.

repeat, repeat, repeat...

Burned my head out!


Im up to the fourth level but seriously not too excited by the prospect of going back to it.

Fighting a "sister" is just a matter of hitting her as hard as you can and hitting control to keep you alive with your health packs.

run out of health packs, die, get screamed at and repeat.


No where near as good as the first.

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I enjoyed the first one. but the second one doesn't have the magic of the first one for sure...

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PC solid - Glad I downloaded it - I read today that you become "super strong" and for the final quarter of the game it just floods you with enemies...



It took them all that time to put together this?

Jesus - Id much rather of been a human player.

If id spent my money on this i would of been super pissed.


Just bought god of war 3 on PS3 - only cost me a tenner :)

Lets hope this game can deliver.

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if you dont like god of war 3 then i dont know what to tell u in terms of liking anything lol, iplayed it thru 3 times in a row .


i just had a go, fuck me!

I gouged posidens eyes out!


something is telling me I would be extra pumped if i had played the first two gods of war, seems interesting enough but im really tired at the moment so not really getting into it as much as I should. Pretty impressive though.

I saw bayonetta for 15 quid - loads of new copies but thought id leave it till next time.

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