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Can someone reccomend a good defragger?


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I defragged for 4 hours yesterday and it helped - but vistas in built defragger thinks its awesome not to tell you or show you any progress been made, im sure some defraggers can be used on start up to speed things up...


Any recommendations?

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I recommend O&O Defrag as it automatic once you got it install you don't have to worry about defragging the hard drive, but the problem with the software is that it not free, I think I know what your like when it comes to paid software.

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Frame rates not your thing inky?

I really don't play pc games. So meh.

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Since XP, MS' defrag program has actually done a better job, better than the 3rd party programs I used to use.


I use a batch file, set to defrag my drives while I'm at work using Task Scheduler.


defrag.exe C: -f
defrag.exe D: -f
defrag.exe E: -f
defrag.exe F: -f
defrag.exe G: -f
defrag.exe H: -f
defrag.exe I: -f
defrag.exe J: -f
defrag.exe K: -f

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Well that went over my head cinder -

I un installed bioshock 2 and bad company 2, then deleted the images as well.

Then ran it while i was playing GOW 3 and watching a movie, took another 3 hours...

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