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I quit drinking and im constantly bored.


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There are good sides to not drinking often such as not waking up with a hangover, a bladder full of piss and a mouth like a talibans flip flop.


But now all my social outings have near but ceased - seriously man no place to go no place to see nearly everything I did socially involved beer, I just want to go a few months without then control my intake (might have to pack it in all together if i cant control it) but i will have to see.


what the hell am i supposed to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Im fresh out of games i want to play, until next Wednesday so that's poopy for now.

Feels like im stuck on the internet with nothing to do, Ive been for my run today that was good but its over now...

And im resting my upper half until tomorrow - fuck man!

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My weed days are over!

Wouldn't be so bad if I could get soap...

Its all super strengthened bud no way too kick ass for me.

Na guys my weed days are well and truly gone - that shit puts me on my back - not a good idea for me any-ways...

Sobriety from all drugs is an eye opener in its self...


In just 6 days I have realised how much of my life revolved around beer - I already had to cancel going to a gig encase im tempted, apparently im not an alcoholic but dependent (cant just have one drink) its a fucking head job for sure...

Its like taking the drapes off a dark room... blam!!


My advice: Dont drink all the time save it for social events and "every now and then."

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