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Bleach plagiarized

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Details here




Nick Simmons is KISS bassist Gene Simmons' son.

Deviantart page here (from 20000 pageviews to 20000 in 2 days. Turning 'famous').




Pics speak well enough, and no comments needed, I presume. Only a master would talk himself out of this one.
















Edited by Hard Core Rikki
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Damn, that's just not right. I don't mind if someone else uses parts of some copyrighted work in a derivative work, and credits the original author in the process, but this is ridiculous.


P.S. "20000 to 20000 in 2 days" doesn't sound right. 200,000 maybe?

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dont forget they copied a page from Deadman Wonderland. THere are several other mangas that have too close resemblance to this manga as well. chekc it out on wiki.

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