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Region Free Japanese Cave Shmups.


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Back on december the 23th cave released Mushihimesama Futari black label,region free.i got this shmup last week and it is totally worth it if you are into your shooters.



it was announced this week that the regular edition of espgalauda 2 black label will be region free as well,but the limited edition is region locked for whatever reason.the release date for espgalauda 2 black label is febuary the 25th.


and also it was announced that the gothic horror themed cave shooter called deathsmiles will get a release in the US courtesy of askys.i just hope askys make the us version of deathsmiles region free.


also ketsui will be getting released on may 5th but there has been no announcement yet weather or not this will be region locked.

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deathsmiles 2x is region locked to canada,usa and mexico via xbla but it looks like dodonpachi dai fakkutsu is going to be released in europe by rising star games.also deathsmiles was released here is europe back in febuary.

some other shmups that are region free and have been released in japan over the last 12 months are

bullet soul by 5pb games.

muchi muchi pork/pink sweets by cave(2 shmup arcade ports on one disc)


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games companys should be making it as easy as possible for fans to play their games thats why i never understoud region locking a game and nowadays we even get region blocks on xbox live surely if your a small games company and youve got niche game that might not sell that well as say gears of war it would make sense to put it on xbox live less cost no need for expensive packaging ie box game booklet and disc plus more people might buy the game on live than would import which means more profit FU you must have spend a fortune importing all these shumps how much do you think youve spent over the years

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