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[11/02/10] Resistance fall of man 1 and 2

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It's shit.

Outdated graphics - outdated - period.



My next review: Resistance 2




It's shit.

I managed to play to level 2 - those alien guys come at you, you shoot them - some big indestructible fish swim round in the water at a bit you need to get across - they eat you - you can't kill them even though their body's are exposed.

It felt like frogger.


Get Killzone 2 Instead - Avoid these two games altogether - The gaming mechanics are SO OLD AND CLUNKY.

Gamespot can go to hell for telling em to get this game.


Overall: If you like generic shooting and embarrassingly bad "move from point A to point B" and shoot some stuff in between, then get this game.

This is the pinnacle of what an FPS looks like tarted up only Killzone 2 is genuinely hot and these two are the uglier sisters.

I don't need to take a poo right now but when I do I will poop on these games and use the manuals as toilet paper.

Im glad the developers can feed their familys after me buying these games - that is the only positive I can take from these two piles of luxury toilet paper.


The AI is god awful and predictable - just clunky - square like combat - I don't care that the Bosses are huge because I'm a spoiled FPS player, so if you're gonna mix it with the big boys at least do it right.

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It's nice that you took these two games up for review, but let's face it: this is really a non-review. If you are going to bash the games, bash them with style with enough insight so that people can really get a decent understanding of what exactly was so bad about the games, instead of just "It felt like frogger". Furthermore, I doubt the games were all-around shit. There must have been something good about them. Give some of the spotlight to the good points, even if you feel that the majority of the game sucked big time.


As such, this is not only a non-review of two games, but also a heavily biased one as well.

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Quickie review to save this topic and procastinating on hw:


Resistance 1:


Story - : 6

Standard FPS where you're a soldier fighting against an unknown alien thread to mankind. Game progresses as you travel between locations to find a way to stop the Chimera (alien threat). As far as I remember (played this back in December 2009), the protagonist doesn't talk at all so the player has to depend on the narrator for any story at all. However, it's just pretty much a Rambo game from start to finish.


Controls - : 8

I don't remember the controls very well, but I think they're alright once you get used to the weird setup. By this, I mean you find out you'll be throwing grenades a lot thinking you press the standard melee button. Fingers might slip because of the way the PS3 controller is designed (Crouching holding the l2 button and then trying to move the left stick is pretty annoying). Otherwise, I don't think I had much of a problem running, jumping, shooting, etc.


Graphics and Sound: ?

Anyone that knows me knows I don't give a crap about graphics as long as it doesn't have an effect on me playing the game. Plus, I don't think I have a valid opinion on this since I played through it with non-HDMI. Otherwise, graphics are fine albeit some stiff animations (P2 Coop LOL). Also, I'm not sure what makes people think graphics of a game are good. They say Uncharted 2 and such has good graphics. Well, they do, but in actuality, you spend about 2 minutes looking at that beautiful scenery before you snap back trying not to get killed. That being said, enemies look fine enough. I think the music and sound were standard, nothing special to me but everyone has difference tastes.


Weapons + Gameplay + Multiplayer: 7/8

Redeeming factor about this game to me is how many weapons you can carry. You find weapons as you progress, but you can carry all of them which is a bit unrealistic. However, its pretty fun to have all of them. Each weapon has a primary fire (that fires bullets) and an alternative fire depending on what the weapon does. The Bullseye and the Auger are probably the best two examples. Bullseye alt fire lets you tag people so your bullets can home in on them or you can tag the environment so it creates a trap that explodes sending bullets everywhere. Auger creates a shield allowing you to shoot through it, or you can just shoot through walls with the gun (Enemies that have the auger are a POS meaning you should watch out at all times for auger bullets coming at you). Grenades are a godsend in this game. They're probably overpowered, but they kill most grunts in one hit (Well they should on the second hardest difficulty.)


Gameplay is standard FPS. You find weapons, you shoot things, you blow some stuff up. There's some vehicles levels that are pretty easy and straightfoward. They won't make you do anything crazy for one thing. Life system is health based. You have four bars, if you get hit a bar starts going down. Catch is if you go under cover, it'll fill back up. However, if a bar is gone, it wont come back until you get a med kit. To be honest, I did like this health system because it was a medium between the health system and cover system. Two player coop = Good. Will it make the game better? Probably not. But a game becomes more bearable if your friend is there screwing around with you. Coop games are always a +1 to score to me. Last but least, there's in game achivements that give you skill points ( don't think they do anything). Collect skill points and intel documents and you start unlocking stuff. (skins, Weapons?). Downfall is there's no trophy support if you're into that kind of stuff. What sends this game down is that it is long. 30 Levels. Some levels start to look the same and you start begging for the area to end.


Multiplayer. Briefly played multiplayer. Seemed like any other multiplayer game to me. Spawning seems rampant and it seems very very easy to kill someone. But hey, PSN is free (I don't really notice the lag people complain about) so go at it. And yes, the online is the same as any online FPS game meaning you will find kids talking on the mic and campers and whatnot. Word of caution though. You join servers but each server has a different setting. I played only like 3-4 times, but every server I joined was either shotgun only or assault rifle only.

I'm stealing and abbv. this from GameFAQs - Credit to MisFit119

Game Modes -

Meltdown - Control nodes. More nodes you control the more damage the enemy reactor takes. Game ends when reactor is destroyed

Breach - Go for rods to take down enemy reactor

CTF - Self-explainatory. Take flag and go back to base

TDM - Kill everyone not on your team

Conversion - Everyone starts out as human. TDM. If you die, you become a chimera. Then after that, you spec. LMS wins




- Lots of weapons. Can carry them all.




- Some animations might feel stiff or awkward

- Not so special story



Story: 6

Controls: 8

Graphics/Sound: ? Prolly a 7 since nothing special

Weapons/Graphic/Multi : 8


Overall: I give it a 7/8. Some people really enjoyed it and some didn't. I felt it was long and the same thing over and over, but in the end, it was alright. Oh, I guess the last question is does it compare to GoW1? No, Not really. Gears definitely did it better in this case.

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Second part:


Resistance 2:


Story: 8

Story is a lot better than Resistance 1. Basically, you have a squad following you now which adds some atmosphere while you going around shooting things rather than ramboing it up in Resistance 1. Also, resistance 2 focuses upon your transformation because you got infected in resistance 1. (This happened in the beginning of resistance 1 so no spoiler :D) But yeah, game is definitely a lot more enjoyable if you're the kind of guy that cares about a story.


Controls: 8

Almost the same control schema as Resistance 1. Basically, just get used to the controls and everything will be fine. I mean, this is an FPS. As long as you can run, shoot fine, and crouch under cover without much problems, theres nothing much to be discussed.


Graphics and Sound: Resistance 1 score + 1

Pretty much the same as I gave in my Resistance 1 review. Everything sounded fine to me. Nothing seemed out of place to me. Bonus is Nathan hale (oops I forgot to mention his name in resistance 1), the guy you're playing, talks now. So yay. He just has a standard military voice so no qualms there.


Weapons + Gameplay + Multiplayer: 8/9

Weapons are the same control schema. They get primary fire and secondary fire. Are the weapons better than in Resistance 1? Yeah definitely. Most weapons are useful rather than some and they're pretty cool imo. Best example here is the Magnum. You shoot magnum bullets into someone or something (and it does magnum damage), and if they're not dead, you can detonate the bullets with alternate fire. However, Resistance 2 lets you only carry two weapons at a time, so boo to that. Just makes carrying that overpowered weapon you get halfway in the game only to use it at the end better.



Resistance 2 took out the vehicle levels that were in resistance 1 and replaced the health system with that whole cover system (You get hit, you hide, back to full hp). Yeah, there's trophies in this game so you can have fun with that. I think getting trophies unlocks some stuff too; I only played through the campaign once, and I'm not a fan of trophy grinding. What else changed? More bosses. Bosses are always gimmicky, but they're visually cool to look at. Plus, there's enough enemies to worry about. And yes, there are enemies that you can't kill and some do instantly kill you. But really, you get killed 1-2 times and you start to get the hang of their patterns/or at least you'll be somewhat ready for it.



No more campaign coop. Boo. What they have instead are multiplayer missions where you go in with up to 8 guys online or 2 offline and you run around killing Chimera while completing different mission objectives. You can also collect grey tech(?) which allows you to buy weapons. What I mean by this is basically in this mode, there's 3 classes: Soldier, medic, and Tactical ops(?). You can level up each one depending what you do and you unlock more skins/weapons/setups when you do. However, expect the leveling to be slow. When I played online, your weapons don't really do anything compared to the level 10 guy and it really takes one or two clips just to take a guy down. So just follow the team and gather as much xp as possible if you're into this game mode. I didn't get a chance to try out the large scale multiplayer (mainly I forgot about it), but if you like that stuff and the resistance stuff, that's good for you. (Its free too!)




- Much better story

- Some unique and fun weapons

- Bosses (Though gimmicky)



- only 2 weapons compared to every weapon

- No Coop-Campaign. Coop missions instead


Story: 8

Controls: 8

Graphics and Sound: 8

Gameplay: 8/9


Overall, game is a solid 8/9. Insomniac Games did much better in the sequel and there's some nice touches put in the game.

One being Nate changes appearances as you progress through the campaign.

It's definitely more enjoyable to play through the game, and its not as long as the first one, but still a decent play length. I want to say like 6-8 hours of game play. I guess I'll end this mini review like Resistance 1. Resistance 2 seems pretty even (maybe a little less) with the Gears series. They're pretty similar with the exception that this is Insomniac's second game in the FPS line so they did pretty good. However, they're also different play styles with one actually using a cover system and one the standard fare. Anyways, I can say I'm interested to see Resistance 3 if it comes out.

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