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Final Burn Legends HD skins final version


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Well after discussion, cba.gy discovered why i couldn't rename my skins "final burn heroes): it was a line to change inthe ini. This is the final version with all the greatests final burn fighters!, so just forget the old versions and take this one!


now you just have to put these skins in the skin folder of final burn legends and it will work!

what's new?:


- A main menu video! even in 720p or 1080i version, it is a video thnat shows all of the ùajor fba titles: garou mark of the wolves, marvel vs capcom, dodonpachi, gigawings; last blade 2, etc...


- the main menu music is now the fantastic "theme of gouki remix" from street fighter IV!

I had to delete the sound of tghe main video with some obscurs programs, but it works, you will only hear that excellent song!


- video border and preview border now have a "scanlines" effect, (the preview and videos are looking more "arcade"


fba heroes pack by Gilou9999 (03 jan 2010)








p.s.: and now in the sdtv version you will be able to move the rombrowser blade where you want, so basically you will be able to set the rombrowser to your wish

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Honestly it's really nice and we can feel a proper and polished work <_<


The only thing i would say is the splash screen will be nicer without: "By Nes6502, graphics by Gillou la grosse tapette". Really.


just delete the splash screen2.png inside the skin and you will never see my name again :)

it is just a skin, if you don't like it don't use it; i just made it for myself first but i wanted to share it as always...

newt time i will write "by nes6502 and gilou la grosse tapette, avec le code de kenshiro la tafiolle" it will sound better ;)


back to the subject: can you try this link and say if it works?


new link


p.s.: pour kenshiro la petite bite, quand est ce que tu te connectes sur msn? jte vois plus

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