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I finally got a PS3!


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Got it today off my neighbour for 180 pound with 7 games and two pads.

Its one of the older models but after pricing it up online it worked out about right what I paid for it.

trouble is some of the games are complete turd!


Im PX - Golden axe, conan, haze (what a pile of shit! the first thing i did was melee all my squad mates) star wars force unleashed (yawn not been a good star wars game in years), RE5 (got it on pc), and maybe the tomb raider game. (sort of want)

Im keeping condemned 2. (pain hell yeah!)


First games I get will be killzone 2 and MGS4 should be pretty cheap now.

I also want uncharted 2 but I think that is still pretty high in the price braket ATM.

Was looking to get PES2010 but every place i go they are saying it sucks!


Can you guys reccomened me some great titles as I have been out of the console loop for a while now.

I heard god of war is worth getting.

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an older style one is better IMO. at least you have some backwards compatability and the option of installing Lynux.

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From what I've heard, Golden Axe, Conan and Haze are all shit.


I recommend both Ninja Gaiden Sigma games, but it really depends on what genre you like. MGS4 is definitely worth it, as well as Soul Calibur IV or Tekken 6. Uncharted 1 and 2, definitely.

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Far Cry 2

Siren (but this game is really, really hard :thumbsup1: )

Oblivion GOTY

Fallout 3 GOTY

Tekken 6


RE5 (But since you played it on PC.....)

Assassin's Creed II

God Of War Collection (very worth it IMO)

Fifa10 (they said it is better than PES2010 this year, for me, I avoid any sport games that are updated yearly :thumbsup1:)

UC & UC2

MW2 would be better than KZ2 IMO

NGSigma 1 & 2 too

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Hmm - Some of the games (not been a snob here) are few and far between - ive been itching to play MGS4 and killzone 2 in ages that was the main reason behind me getting the unit. And since my beloved PES has taken a turn for the worse I might not have this unit too long!


Will look into the games mentioned guys - thanks.

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Well did some digging in town today and got Uncharted (not two thats still fucking way too high in price)

and the original "Skate" (I have a soft spot for skating games give up on tony hawks after the 3rd one though)

24 quid not a bad little all rounder me thinks.



So now i got a nice little collection building up:



Killzone 2

Pro evo 2010 (grr)




I tried finding a second hand copy of ninja sigma but no luck - i found a brand new one though in a "sale" for 27 quid, no thanks!


I think ill be ebaying in a couple of weeks through my buddys card.


Im also interested in Demon souls.

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Yeah - hard is fine but when its "hard for the hell of it" im not into that kind of stuff.

Really wanting Ninja sigma first one.


I cant play online LSD wirless connection ping will be too crappy.

Infamous and resistance 2 also look reasonable games.

Actually scrap Infamous it looks like prototype and that game really sucked.

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Really wanting Ninja sigma first one.

Both Ninja Gaiden Sigmas are great, thought the second game is arguably better because of more streamlined combat system and additional chapters for Rachel, Ayane and Momiji. Plus, a kickass Mission Mode that can be played offline or online.


Sigma 2 is also easier than the first thanks to the Easy (Acolyte) difficulty setting and regenerating health to a certain point, although bosses can still be a handful (not to mention that the first chapter alone throws three bosses at you before it's over, with two encounters back to back) The first game is much harder (no Easy difficulty level), and both games are the kind that you really have to learn how to play. My personal best buys, still.

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