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Finally got CoinOPS showcase r3 all set up


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Just wanted to say thanks to BP and IQ (and anyone else?).


All the video previews and such give a really awesome effect, I'm spending a long time in the menus atm, just looking at all the games! :ph34r:


I hope there will be more updates at some point down the line.


@ BP, If you've sorted out adding extra cores, have you contacted elsemi about cpx3 & whoever made the best version of the killer instinct emu? It would be amazing to have all the arcade emulation on xbox in one place, with 1 great looking menu! :)

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i see not all xmv files are there in showcase10gig version?

is this correct?

i see these roms video previews are missing (prob more):

- aof1 = artoffighting

- aof2

- aof3

- burningf

- neocup98

- dynablst

- fatfury1

- fatfury2

- fatfursp

- pbobbble3

- rbff1

- snk vscapcomchaos

- ultimate 11


Can anybody help me out pls???

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I'm not even finished with Showcase R2, I'm trying to get it since 6 weeks and I'm at 60%. ;)


But I'm very very lucky, I love the work of BritneysPAIRS, I've never seen such a perfect emulator on xbox. nothing can beat this quality. I've much respect for his work and I'm very very glad and thankfull that he even continues his amazing work!

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